Atsede Scarseth


Atsede Scarseth is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC), National Certified Counselor, and a Certified Integrative Gestalt Therapist.


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3/2019 - Completed Capstone and presented: The Empowering Effects of Reconnecting with Nature
5/2019 - Officially Recognized as a Board Certified National Certified Counselor
6/2019 - Graduated from Northwestern University
2/2021 - Keynote Speaker for Black History Month at
2U - Black Women in Mental Health

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Atsede Scarseth is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC), National Certified Counselor, and a Certified Integrative Gestalt Therapist. She has experience working with Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder among other disorders.  Atsede completed her undergraduate studies at Alfred University and the school of Liberal Arts where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Clinical/Counseling Psychology in 2015. Immediately after graduating, she relocated to Colorado to cultivate a deeper connection with nature and to pursue her graduate studies. She received her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University and Graduate School. Her private practice Unearthing Choice Counseling was founded in March 2019. Upon passing the National Certified Counselor exam, Atsede graduated from Northwestern University and has been accruing hours towards full licensure since. Atsede specializes in trauma theory and neurodivergence and plans to continue her life's work focusing on these areas and more.

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My practice Unearthing Choice Counseling is centered around the idea that people are not inherently broken, they are doing the best they can. My goal is to help people open up their choices for a different approach to living a full life. I help people work through unfinished business and trauma that keeps them stuck in patterns that are no longer serving them. Ideally,  as you begin to work through your unfinished business, more choices will become available and the feelings of stuckness will begin to fade away. As humans are complex, this type of work is not one size fits all and requires an individualized approach that integrates multiple theories. My hope for you is that you will find peace within yourself and your experience through the work that we do together.  Areas of focus: Trauma of all sorts, Anxiety, Low-Self esteem, Adoption, Couples work, and Depression.

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