Our Partners

Key investments and partnerships have allowed us, since 2019, to establish and build our work in the community.  Much like the Founder of the Collaborative, our partners believe that mental health is at the cornerstone of how we work in and build up our communities.  Through their generous support we have been changing the narrative of how our communities access representative mental health services.

Trusted By The Community

A model of culturally-centered care was envisioned to promote individual and communal resiliency.  This groundbreaking work has forged a portal of access for the community that is responsive, representative, trauma-informed, and delivered with compassion to advance mental health equity in communities of color.  Our work at the Collaborative would not be possible without the significant support and investment of our community funders, partners, and supporters.  We truly appreciate each of you who are helping to promote mental health equity!

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Get Started

Your human capacity is limitless when you are empowered to be in control of your life. At the Therapist of Color Collaborative, you will be partnered with a professional to give you the encouragement you need to unlock your healing process and begin your journey.

All of your work in therapy is grounded in an approach centered around your person and is focused on moving you beyond what has held you back.  

Let us help you get this journey started!