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Our Colorado based model of culturally-centered and responsive care promotes individual and communal resiliency.  By crossing racial, ethnic, and cultural barriers we work more intentionally to connect and remove any bias that is prohibitive of the healing process of mental health care.  This groundbreaking work has forged a portal of access for the community that is responsive, representative, trauma-informed, and delivered with compassion to advance mental health equity in communities of color.

Direct Care

You can be comfortable knowing that you are in familiar hands which are ready to hold yours and build a connection that will lead to the birth of the most beautiful you there has ever been.

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Training & Programs

At the Therapist of Color Collaborative, we offer additional services to support specialized community needs. We offer Post Master’s clinical supervision and training as well as organizational support through our Behavior Health Assistance Program. Take a look at how we can support your journey to licensure or your organization with behavioral health or professional development.

Get Started

Your human capacity is limitless when you are empowered to be in control of your life. At the Therapist of Color Collaborative, you will be partnered with a professional to give you the encouragement you need to unlock your healing process and begin your journey.

All of your work in therapy is grounded in an approach centered around your person and is focused on moving you beyond what has held you back.  

Let us help you get this journey started!