Sometimes when we encounter difficulties we often think, “why is this happening to me?!” and feel isolated thinking no one else could possibly be going through what we are experiencing.  Group Therapy provides an opportunity for you to connect to a supportive network of individuals that allow you to find camaraderie, new perspective, and more tools for you to create the positive change you desire.  

When you can connect with others, you feel supported and encouraged to take steps in meaningful ways to cultivate change.  Here you will find a more fulfilled and connected version of yourself as you relate with others in the community.

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Your human capacity is limitless when you are empowered to be in control of your life. At the Therapist of Color Collaborative, you will be partnered with a professional to give you the encouragement you need to unlock your healing process and begin your journey.

All of your work in therapy is grounded in an approach centered around your person and is focused on moving you beyond what has held you back.  

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