Post Masters Clinical Supervision


Clinical Supervision Program works to bring you all of the required post-graduate hours that meet the Colorado guidelines required for licensure. Three times a month, you will be provided with one hour long individual supervision. Additionally, once a month you are required to attend group supervision to learn and grow from your peers’ experiences, as well as your own!

Each individual candidate will collaborate with their supervisor and develop a plan that best suits their needs and recognizes their strengths and nurtures their areas of improvement. As a candidate, you will have the support you need for clinical issues that may arise, for overall skills training, and building your counselor identity. If ever needed, you will receive extra supervision, at the discretion of your supervisor. Your clinical supervisor will serve as an encouragement to you and help to bolster your counseling and clinical competence.

This program removes the cumbersome overhead of having to pay for an individual supervisor which can cost up to $150 per hour.  During this program you will be supported by receiving direct referrals as you work to build a thriving private practice supported by other Collaborative Private Practitioners.  Securing more of the clients you want to see without the restrictions that often occur in agency.

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Your human capacity is limitless when you are empowered to be in control of your life. At the Therapist of Color Collaborative, you will be partnered with a professional to give you the encouragement you need to unlock your healing process and begin your journey.

All of your work in therapy is grounded in an approach centered around your person and is focused on moving you beyond what has held you back.  

Let us help you get this journey started!

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