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2019 - Graduated with Master of Social Work from Colorado State University

2022-Founded the Empowerment Collective PLLC

2023 - Licensed Clinical Social Worker in CO

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Jasmin has earned a master’s degree in social work and registered with the State of Colorado as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CSW.09929589).

Jasmin operates her private Mental Health Practice in Denver, CO and recently founded the “Empowerment Collective”.  Her career opportunities have led her to work for:  Boulder Human Services, North Range Behavioral Health, the state run- Office of Respondent Parents' Counsel advocating for parents involved in the child welfare system, as well as working alongside student interns at Colorado State University mentoring future social workers.

Jasmin’s services are firmly grounded in the belief that every person is unique and should receive respectful and unconditional acceptance, regardless of where they are on their life journey. She adopts a human-centered approach to their work, customizing their services to align with the distinct needs and objectives of each individual client.

Furthermore, Jasmin recognizes the significance of cultural responsiveness and is dedicated to establishing a safe and inclusive environment for anyone who seeks her support. Whether one is in search of support for their mental well-being, personal growth, or professional development, Jasmin is ready to guide you through life's challenges and assist you in achieving your aspirations in a manner that is both authentic and empowering.

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As a mental health professional, I am highly passionate about helping my clients navigate life's challenges and achieve their goals. I take a caring and accepting approach, creating a safe and non-judgmental space for all my clients. My approach is grounded in the belief that every person has the strength and resilience to overcome their challenges and create a fulfilling life for themselves. I work collaboratively with my clients to help them identify their strengths and develop strategies to tackle their obstacles. My goal is to empower my clients to live their best lives, and I am committed to supporting them every step of the way.

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