Will Bryant







2015 graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience,

June of 2022 graduated with a master’s in International Disaster Psychology,

Received LPCC in August of 2022.

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Will has earned a bachelor of science degree in neuroscience from The Ohio State University and a master of science degree in International disaster psychology from the University of Denver. He is currently registered with the State of Colorado as a licensed professional counselor candidate. Will’s experience ranges from ABA therapy with children and adolescents with autism, narrative therapy with inmates at the Denver County Jail, cognitive behavioral therapy with patients suffering from eating disorders, and trauma-informed therapy with victims at the Denver Children’s Advocacy Center. Will takes a self-centered approach to counseling, specifically working on a client’s self-esteem and self-acceptance. He believes that the majority of psychological disturbance comes from the pressure to be someone that a person is not. Accepting oneself and understanding one’s own values is a protective shell that can help shield a person from mental strain. Will utilizes Narrative Therapy and Acceptance-Commitment Therapy to help clients discover their authentic selves and to be proud of the outcome. Will specializes in treating depression, anxiety, trauma-related disorders, and neurodevelopmental disorders. He works with all ages, but the majority of his experience lies with adolescents and young adults. Will operates his own private practice called Moon Light Counseling. He does in-person and virtual counseling. His office is located in the Denver area.

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I believe that the world often tells us who we should be. If we don’t fall into accordance with what we should be we are generally ostracized. This is where mental distress comes into play; when society forces us to be ashamed of who we are. This is especially apparent for minorities where stereotypes and microaggression have a such a large hand in shaping our beliefs and behaviors. Therapy should be utilized to help people find their values, skills, strengths, and interests, independent of society’s influence. Once we are comfortable with who we are, only then are we equipped to deal with the stressors from the outside world. As a therapist, my job is to be a partner and confidant to my clients as they embark on this journey. I am someone that my clients can be open and honest with, without any judgment or fear of rejection. I will do everything in my power to help my client reach their full potential and find enjoyment and meaning in their everyday lives! If you are interested in scheduling a consultation about working together please click on the link to the left and go to my calendar to schedule a 15-minute consultation!

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