Auvern Brown


Auvern has earned a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and registered with the State of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor







7/2017 - Completed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Program
12/2019 - Registered with the state as an LPC
12/2019 - Completed Certified Integrative Gestalt Therapy
2/2020 - Completed EMDR training and Supervision

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Auvern has earned a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and registered with the State of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor (#LPC.0015938) and is currently working towards herLicensed Addiction Counselor.  She has completed and been certified as a Certified Integrative Gestalt Therapist as well as EMDR trained. In completing the training, it places an emphasis on trauma informed care and an integrative approach to treatment.

Auvern operates her private Mental Health Practice in Colorado Springs, CO and is a member of “Therapist of Color Collaborative.” Her career opportunities have led her to work for: Griffith Center’s for Children. Auvern has also been paneled to see clients through most major insurances through the Sonder Mind Provider Network.

In her work she operates from a humanistic and integrative approach that encourages individuals to explore their feelings, thoughts, and emotions in relation to their individual life experiences. Coming from a traumatic background she has experienced the importance of doing the work and healing old wounds. Starting the healing journey can be a difficult process, however, in identifying a great support system and seeking therapeutic services on her own she was able to experience tremendous growth and change. You are not alone and it is possible to experience healthy change and heal old wounds.

Auvern values understanding who you are as an individual, family, and as a community member. As we start our journey together a holistic approach is utilized in understanding how mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. I believe that when people have hope and can learn to challenge and replace irrational beliefs and thoughts people are free to experience change.

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I believe people deserve to be heard and listened to without judgment. My personal background and childhood has allowed me to remain open to various experiences and perspectives. I strive to recognize each person's unique qualities and features. I want to help you feel less isolated and more confident so you can see your true genuine worth.

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