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August 2016 - graduated with a bachelor of science in healthcare administration.

August 2018 - graduated with a master of science in healthcare administration.

August 2022 - graduated with a master of science in clinical mental health counseling.

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Doreen has earned a master of science degree in clinical mental health counseling and is registered with the State of Colorado as a licensed professional counselor candidate. With that, she is currently working under the supervision of Rossina Schroeer- Santiago # LPC.0015360.Doreen also holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in healthcare administration. Her education, life experiences, past employment opportunities, healing and curiosity for learning has led her to readiness of being a clinician. She has a deep passion and love for others and their growth and healing. She takes a psychoanalytic approach toward counseling as well as using action theories such as cognitive behavioral therapy. She believes it is important to uncover the unconscious aspects of an individual that may not be fully in the client’s awareness, but also the client using measurable approaches toward making wanted changes. She also likes to adjust based on the needs of the client, so she may use other approaches that may seem more valuable to the client. Her areas of focuses are grounded in identity issues, self-esteem, anxiety, relationship dynamics and depression. Doreen operates her own private practice called Wright Care and Healing. She does in-person and virtual counseling. Her office is located in the Denver area. Her typical counseling days are Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s from afternoon to evenings.

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I truly believe that every individual is capable of change but sometimes needs a different perspective and one that stands side by side to support them through their healing. It can be hard when there are generational aspects passed down that have never been challenged and looked at thoroughly. In our work together we look to challenge different beliefs and behaviors that may be standing in the way of progression toward being the best individual that one can be. I believe that the more we focus inward than outward, that is where we will find everything that we need, and once our internal state changes, that is when our external world will shift. I believe the healing process is not linear but takes many twist and turns along the way, but as long as we focus our intention on the end goal, we will always find our way there eventually. In work, I practice non-judgement, compassion, love and understanding. I believe with these basic aspects, it creates the perfect conditions for one to grow. I believe that everyone should be able to experience a life that they feel happy waking up to. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is love, understanding and acceptance. So let’s take this walk together toward healing! If you are interested in scheduling a consultation about working together please click on the link to the left and go to my calendly to schedule a 15 minute consultation!

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