Lauren Scott







May 2015: Graduated with a MA in Counseling
March 2019: Launched my private practice Grace Springs Counseling
Jan -June 2019: EMDR Training through Maiberger Institute
March 2020: Joined The Therapist of Color Collaborative

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Lauren Scott is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with people who are overwhelmed by trauma and anxiety and supports the reclamation of their authentic selves. She believes everyone can live an authentic and pleasurable life regardless of what has happened in the past.

Lauren’s experience includes working as a Community-Based Crisis Clinician for the Tennyson Center for Children, establishing an Early Intervention Program to support single parents of kids 0-5, and supporting children and families in outpatient therapy. Lauren launched Grace Springs Counseling in 2019 to realize a life-long dream of owning a business and stepped full-time into private practice in July of 2020.

Lauren is trained in EMDR and is a certified Eco-therapist, combining the therapeutic work of being in nature with trauma treatment and mindfulness methodology. She holds a MA in Counseling from Colorado Christian University she earned in 2015.

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I believe healing is a collaborative process and you were made to be healed and whole. I support my clients through a journey of transformation through grief, loss, identity changes that come with unexpected changes and challenges in life. I believe that if we look to the root of the problem we can find sustainable and life changing solutions that lead to thriving. I believe in healing the whole person: body, mind, and spirit through the tools I have to offer. Let's step outside into nature for therapy, get back in touch with your deepest longings and dreams,  and let go of the trauma and old stuff of the past that is keeping you stuck.

Areas of focus: Trauma, Grief and Loss, Sexuality and Pleasure, Feminine Wholeness, Anxiety and Depression, Life transitions, Divorce,

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